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Infrared heater for outdoor use MO-EL Fiore 1800W, IP65

Price: 336,00 лв
Price without tax: 280,00 лв
Tax amount: 56,00 лв

The first original, patented, IP65 water-resistant infrared heater.

Mo-El infrared heaters are short wave, IR-A heaters, which means high performance, immediate warming even in case of cold wind. The heaters work by radiation, like the sun rays. Heating by infrared provides high savings and more security compared to heating applications on gas. Furthermore, Mo-El infrared heaters do not need glass covering, hence there is no heat dispersion.

The heaters are fitted with uv-a lamps, infrared lamps, white lamps, ruby (red) lamps or gold lamps.

Application areas

Outdoor areas of bars, pubs, restaurants, discos, hotels; patio outdoor areas, terraces, gardens, churches, warehouses, farms, green houses.

The heaters have long life - more than 5.000 hours (between 5.000 and 8.000 hours). All products are IMQ certified and comply with the strictest European regulations.

Design, engineering and manufacturing - Italy.

Technical data

  • Dimensions in mm: 835x112x83
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Power supply: 220V ~ 50Hz
  • Total consumption: 1760W
  • Cable: H05RN-F
  • Range of action: 8-10m
  • IP rate: IP65
  • Insulating class: I
  • Spectrum of emission: IR-A
  • Lamp life: 5000h
  • Lamp: Ruby quartz and tungsten wire
  • Coming with: Switch and plug
  • 2 years warranty for the electronic part of the unit
  • The lamps are consumable, the guarantee does not apply. Their life lasta 5-8000 hours

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