ThermoMaxx Elastic

ThermoMaxx Elastic
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ThermoMaxx Elastic is a liquid dispersion solution of clean acrylic plaster, about 20% ceramic vacuum microcapsules and special additives. After application, a smooth, elastric, strong and long-lasting insulation layer is formed.

  • Sun radiation reflection – above 85 %. When exposed to sunlight, it guarantees 10-15 оС lower surface temperature of the wall constructions in comparison to traditional decorative renders. ThermoMaxx Exterior Metal reduces air-conditioning expenses up to 30%.
  • High water resistance. The render does not allow penetration of atmospheric humidity in the building construction (rain, snow, fog).
  • ELinear stretching before breaking off - up to 300% (3 times its length!). Because of this property, the render is resistent to different linear expansions, esp. suitable for metal and panel constructions.
  • Elasticity and flexibility. The render fills the surface micro-cracks, formed when the render is drying and does not allow new crack formation with the aging of the wall construction. The plaster guarantees long-lasting facade.
  • Very good adhesion to all types of construction materials, including metals. ThermoMaxx covers easily surfaces with complex form and constructin, incl. surfaces from heterogeneous materials.
  • Breathing surface (steam conducting). The render allows the surfaces "to breathe".
  • Resistent to ultraviolet rays and acid rain.
  • Long life. Warranty above 10 years.
  • No holding of dust and dirt, easy cleaning.
  • Completely white colour. In practice, the white colour is recommended. However, it is possible to colour the render in soft pastel colours.


  • In all cases when it is necessary to have a long-lasting esthetical facade render combined with sunlight protection in summer and reliable hydroinsulation in winter (protecting from rain and snow). Suitable also for flat roofs, end walls.
  • Without competition when applied on vaults, hyperboles, and other roof constructions with complex shape.
  • Particularly suitable for walls exposed to direct atmospheric conditions.
  • The best solution for facades of buildings, constructed with YTONG and other similar materials that absorb water.
  • Very suitable for roof renovations, water resistance insulation around chimneys and ventilation caps (in combination with geotextile).
  • For hydroinsulation of terraces and bathrooms. Tiles can be glued directly over ThermoMaxx Elastic with glues type C-400.
  • For hydroinsulation of swimming pools, fountains, water supply tanks and pools.
  • Hydroinsulation of metal roof constructions, esp. the joint places.
  • Ideal hydroinsulation of vertical joints in panel constructions.

Application technology: Two layers with a brush or roller - 12 hours should pass after the first layer is applied. A ground coating should be applied first.

  • in vertical application: film thickness 0,4 - 0,5 mm
  • in horizontal application: film thickness should be 0,7 - 1mm


packaging area coverage price
1 литър 2.7 - 3m2 16.36 EUR
10 литра 27 - 30m2 127.83 EUR


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