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Satisfied customers gallery

Lyubomira Ikonomova

"Thank you for the precision and understanding, with which you work! The panels don't only heat; they also bring lots of comfort! I wish you all the best!"

October, 2015

Plamen Stoyanov

"Special thanks to the whole team of "Pestim energia" for our new panel InfraHEAT! It is wonderful - the design (including the printing of the painting), the unproblematic delivery, everything is ideal. The heating really feels like pleasant warmth from the sun!
I wish you success!

October, 2015

Ivan Tenchev

Pictures provided by one of our many happy clients.

October, 2015

Neoclassic dwelling, Sofia

"We chose InfraHEAT because of its soft heat and beautiful shapes, which go along very well with the idea of our new apartment. The exquisite forms of the heating panels InfraHEAT blend with the interior of our dwelling."

October, 2014

Interior design, Sofia

"The heating panels InfraHEAT offer unique possibilities for interior design."

October, 2014

Our Children's House, Sofia

"Infrared heat for the little girls!

A big thank you to Pestim energia Ltd., which donated warmth to the children! Wishing you all the very best!"

OUR CHILDREN’S HOUSE is a family and home for children without parents, managed by volunteer mother Megi Derm. On the facebook page of the house, you can see a list of items that can be helpful to this small children’s world.

February, 2014

Restaurant, Stara Zagora

In a restarant in the city of Stara Zagora, customers enjoy the warmth of infrared heating panels InfraHEAT.

Authentic house, village Ichera

"When the fire in the fireplace does not burn, the infrared panels InfraHEAT give out the warmth of the live fire."

Private house, Sliven

“We ordered picture on a panel from the standard series. We took also stand support (feet) for the panel, since we wanted to be able to move easily the heater from one room to another. The warmth of the infrared panel is indeed unique! Everybody at home feels very good. There is no dust in the air, and one feels pleasantly warm in any corner of the room.”

December, 2012

Apartment, Stara Zagora

Picture on a glass panel.

A big thank you to everybody who trusted us throughout the years!

We would be happy to learn more about your experience with our infrared heaters! You can send your comments, as well as pictures of installed panels to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so that we can publish them in our gallery.

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