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Infrared heating panels InfraHEAT

Here you can find more information about the infrared heating panels InfraHEAT.


General characteristics

InfraHEAT – Highest quality at a reasonable price!

Due to their small electricity consumption, up to 800W, and their operation modality (heating first the walls, ceiling, floor), the infrared heating panels are suitable only for well insulated premises.

Fields of application

The heaters with far infrared rays are a preferred heating option for the home, as well as for the office, hotel or restaurant. They are an efficient, economical and healthy heating solution. Easy to use, the panels do not need maintenance. They have a lon...

Energy efficiency

The innovative technology of InfraHEAT panels guarantees high energy efficiency levels - low energy consumption and thus - energy-efficient heating with far infrared rays, which allows heating the premises uniformly in height. With InfraHEAT, a panel...


Infrared waves, in contrast to microwaves, are beneficial to the human health. It is widely known that infrared thermal rays are used successfully in medicine to cure tension and infections. The infrared heat has a positive effect on the immune system and keeps it strong.

Long service life

The far infrared heaters are the solution that every home and office is looking for. Efficiency, economy and quality in one. Easy to use, the infrared panels InfraHEAT do not need maintenance. They have a long service life (possibly around 20 years) and low...

Panel structure

The heart of the infrared panels consists of specially designed for this purpose sheet of carbon fibres and nickel, which is built in via an insulation layer between two aluminum sheets. This carbon fibres sheet transforms the consumed electricity into infrared rays. This is an advanced innovative technology which cannot be compared to other existing panel heat generators which simply use carbon paper or wires. What is important...


As for security levels, InfraHEAT panels are again a leader in the field. Each heating panel is equipped with five built-in sensors, which protect it from overheating. The structure of the panel (aluminium plates in the front and backside) guarantees 100% PE protection. InfraHEAT heaters are certified according to the European standards CE and comply with the strictest requirements in the field - TÜV GS, Germany. The science...


Warranty 5 years5 years full warranty, 20-25 years exploitation period.

In case of failure during the warranty period, the purchased panel will be exchanged with a new one.

In the media

Articles and broadcasting in Bulgarian media:

  • Healthy, stylish, economical heating with InfraHEAT, magazine Наш дом, October 2013...

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