Principle of operation

Infrared heating is heating inspired by nature. The largest energy source for our planet is the Sun. The solar infrared rays go a long way through Space with minimum loss of energy. When an object comes in their way, their energy is absorbed by the object’s surface and transformed into heat.

  Infrared heating

The principle of operation of the infrared heaters repeats the process of transforming the sun infrared rays into heat. Due to this effect, the infrared rays are called heat waves.

The heaters for indoor and outdoor use Mo-el emit short infrared rays (IR-A), which allow immediate heating after the heater is switched on. However, due to the short length of the rays, this type of infrared heating requires higher power consumption compared to far infrared (IR-C) heaters InfraHEAT. The infrared rays go through the air without heating it. Thus, it is possible to direct the heat in the desired direction – towards people or objects. As a result, the user can take advantage of energy-efficient zone heating.

infrared heater


The infrared heaters Mo-el are made of high quality quartz lamps. The products combine the most advanced technology for zone heating with a modern design and high energy efficiency levels. As a result of the first in the world patented technology for water resistant infrared heating IP65, Mo-el offers heaters that are protected even when directly splashed with water.

water resistant infrared heating

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