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Infrared heating panel InfraHEAT - picture on a Black Glass Panel

Отоплителен панел Картина върху черно стъкло
Отоплителен панел Картина върху черно стъкло
Отоплителен панел Картина върху черно стъкло
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Price without tax: 580,83 лв
Tax amount: 116,17 лв

InfraHEAT - leading technology in the field!

Picture number (choose picture)

A picture that heats your home or office!

With low energy consumption, healthy heating with infrared waves!

Original energy-saving heating solution. Stylish, with low energy consumption - the infrared picture heating panels become part of the interior instead of taking space. Placing a picture on a glass panel allows very interesting, design solutions with partial or complete coverage of the panel.

You may select a picture from our catalogue or send to us your own image.

Highly technological direct printing of the picture on the panel guarantees precision, excellent esthetics and long service life.

Discover a new combination and application of technology and design. Our innovative infrared heating systems emit heat in the same way as the sun.

These heating elements provide high quality heating at affordable prices, are maintenance free, energy efficient and beneficial to your health. Infrared heat waves do not heat the air, instead the waves penetrate walls, objects and bodies which store heat for much longer than the air and project it back into the room in the form of lovely, pleasant warmth.

These new, ultra-slim infrared heaters from InfraHEAT can transform your home or office into an oasis of warmth and comfort.


(H х W х D)
Heating capacity
Heating area
InfraHEAT BG-P 600 M
60 x 90 х 1 cm
600 W
12-16 m2
InfraHEAT BG-P 800 L
60 x 120 х 1 cm
800 W
16-20 m2

The heated area given in the table above is valid for well insulated buildings. If you are not certain about the thermal stability of your premises, please, contact our team!

What heating capacity do you need? Calculate quickly using our power calculator:

InfraHEAT calculator


  • Protection level IP54
  • Standard voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz.

5 years warrantyPrice includes:

  • 1pc infrared heating panel InfraHEAT with the selected power;
  • 1.8-metre electricity supply cable;
  • All neccessary installation screws;
  • Easy installation template;
  • Operation and installation instructions.


All products are certified according to the European CE standards and comply with the strictest requirements in the field - TÜV GS, Germany.

CE certificateTUV-certificate


Picture catalogue

You can choose a picture from the gallery bellow. It is possible to print also other images of your choice but in that case you need to send to us a high resolution image that allows quality print.

Black Glass

Pictures, which allow to be printed only on part of the surface of the panel, leaving the rest of the glass surface as a beautiful background of the image.


Pictures, which cover fully the surface of the panel:

1. Nature

Nature 30 x 90 cm

Nature 30 x 120 cm

Nature 60 x 60 cm

Nature 60 x 90 cm

Nature 60 x 120 cm

2. Animals

3. Flowers

4. Modern Art

5. Kids

Kids 30 x 90 cm

Kids 30 x 120 cm

Kids 60 x 60 cm

Kids 60 x 90 cm

Kids 60 x 120 cm

6. World Artists

World Artists 30 x 90 cm

World Artists 30 x 120 cm

World Artists 60 x 60 cm

World Artists 60 x 90 cm

World Artists 60 x 120 cm

7. World

8. Combined

Form a picture from several panels! The combinations below show a picture made with a panel 30x120 cm (400W) combined with a panel 60x120 cm (800W). The same picture can be formed by 3 panels 30x120 cm.

Combine several heaters InfraHEAT


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